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About Us

Cortexs is an international co-opreative company focusing on desiging and developing in the field of technology and computer. Our intrest is to make briliant ideas come true; Whether it's an app, a video game or even a science project, We make it a reality. We also cover a big section of designing, with a strong group of creative and handpicked designers, we design the most elegant and creative of products.

Game Studios

Cortexs Game Studios focus on developing games on varity of platforms. From mobile devices to High end consoles.

Photography and Video Studios

A big part of Cortexs is making videos, advertisments and amazing photos, mainly for other companies.

Web and App Dev Team

Websites and Apps are the leading technologies today. Our team ensures to make the most beautiful and useful apps on the market.

Other Departments

We also have many other departments and even more to come. For instance our Authors team including tech journalist in different languages are already working on big tech websites.

Do You Have a Question ?

If you still have a question about our works and plans please contact us using the information below:
Cortexs Line 24/7 Online: +1 (323) 647-5868
Send an Email: crew@cortexs.net
Or you can use the contact form below.